What are your hours of operation?

What is the Privilege Card?

The product I want is currently out of stock. What can I do?

​​What is a special order?

What does the term reissue mean?

I would like to have an e-mail privilege card.

What are the shipping fees?

What are the delivery times?

What payment methods are accepted?

Can I get paid? serve the goods and pick them up at the store?

What are your return policies?

How do I place an order?

What about customs fees?

Which currencies do you accept?

I have a message saying "Can not display the page" when I try to place my order.

I use a Mac and I get a security error during the payment.

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What do you do with my personal information?

For Privilege Points in exchange for Comments

Open Hours

Laurier Quebec, Quebec

Opens Closes
Monday to Wednesday 10:00am 6:00pm
Thursday and Friday 10:00am 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am 5:00pm

Galeries Chagnon

Lévis Carrefour de l'Estrie, Sherbrooke

Centre commercial Les Rivières, Trois-Rivières

Opens Closes
Monday to Wednesday 9:30am 5:30pm
Thursday and Friday 9:30am 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am 5:00pm

Promenades St-Bruno, Rive-sud-de-Montréal

Opens Closes
Monday to Wednesday 10:00am 7:00pm
Thursday and Friday 10:00am 9:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am 5:00pm

Our website is always open for online orders, 24/7, including holidays.


Wondering if we are open? This guide is here to answer your questions.

New Years Closed
January 2nd Open
Good Friday Open
Easter Closed
Victoria Day Open
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day Closed
Canada Day Closed
Labor Day Closed
Thanksgiving Open
Rememberance Day Open
Christmas Eve Open
Christmas Closed
Boxing Day Open
New Year's Eve Open
What is the Privilege Card?

L’Imaginaire rewards its loyal customers by making them save money through its totally free of charge fidelity account.

The concept is simple : the more you buy, the more you save. For every elligible purchase, 10% of the total transaction (before taxes) will be added to your fidelity account. After the 10th elligible purchase, you will be able to use the total you will have accumulated on your account to pay for your 11th purchase. However, please note that you have to used the whole amount on one purchase. You also have the option to continue pilling up your amount within your account over 15, 22 or even 55 purchases. You are the one who chooses what you wanna you your account on and when you are using it. Furthermore, you have no time limit to make your purchases.

How to activate my fidelity account?

When you make an in store purchase, ask the employee to create a fidelity account for you. If you make a purchase online, your account will activate automatically. To accumulate purchases on your account, be sure to always use the same account. It is important to use the same phone number/email address in order for the system to recognize you. Guest accounts cannot activate a fidelity account.

What products are elligible as purchases for the fidelity account?

Here are some of the products elligible for the fidelity account :

  • european comics;
  • mangas;
  • novels;
  • board games;
  • roleplaying games books;
  • miniatures (Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, Axis & Allies);
  • Games Workshop products;
  • TCG singles and sport card sold individually;
  • stamps, except ones from the current year. Please note that philatelic accessories are not elligible for the fedelity account;
  • money (coins). Here are the conditions : all coins from the current year, coins sold for what they are worth, gold coins and investment pieces are not elligible. All pieces from the 20$ series for 20$, 25$ for 25$, 50$ for 50$, 100$ for 100$ and 200$ for 200$ are not elligibles. For canadian bills and rolls the value must be half what the face value of the item to be elligible. Canadians bills of 1937 or earlier and all numismatic accessories are not elligibles.

All other products that do not appear on this list are not elligible, such as costumes, life-sized Dungeons and Dragons products, clothes, plushies and puzzles.

*This offer cannot be monetized.
*Fidelity account cannnot be applied over other deals, clearences, coupons, or events such as Black Friday. We will not award privilege points if we match a competitor's price.

The product I want is currently out of stock. What can I do?

In order to be notified when we restock the wanted product, write your email address in the space reserved to that end on the product page on our website.

Once the restock happens, an email will automatically sent to you. Please note that no reservation can be made automatically.

What is a special order?

It’s a product we do not keep in store, but that we can order for you.

The delay to receive an item on special order will vary considering the time at which you place the order, the frequency of orders and the place from which the product comes.

To place a special order for a product, you can call us or send us an email. We will need to know the product you want to purchase, with your name and your phone number so we can contact you.

What is a reissue?

This item will be reissued, It means it is not available right now but it is not discontinued. It will be back in stock, but we do not know the delay, which could be a few weeks or a few months.

Electronic Privilege Card ?

If you don’t already own one, you can obtain your privilege card simply by mentioning it in the commentary box while placing an order.

Shipping Fees All our orders are expedited with Canada Post.

Shipping costs are free for orders over $ 59 before taxes sent by regular mail to Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Elsewhere in Canada, transportation costs are free starting at $ 119 before taxes, except in Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Some exceptions may occur regarding the size, the weight and the value of the products. If you live in a remote region, you may not be elligible for this offer. In case of problem, we will contact you.

Canada (Quebec, Ontario and New-Brunswick only)
For orders over 59$ For orders under 59$
Regular mail (2-7 business days) FREE 8.00 $ CAN
Xpresspost (1 to 3 business days) 12.00$ CAN 12.00$ CAN
Paid on delivery (C.O.D) (2-7 business days) 15.00 $ CAN 15.00 $ CAN

Canada (Other provinces except Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories)
For orders over 119$ For orders under 119$
Regular mail (2-7 business days) FREE 8.00 $ CAN
Xpresspost (1 to 3 business days) 12.00$ CAN 12.00$ CAN
Paid on delivery (C.O.D) (2-7 business days) 15.00 $ CAN 15.00 $ CAN

Expected delivery time for Quebec is usually from 2 to 3 business days by regular mail, or from 1 to 2 business days by Xpresspost

Shipping by Priority mail, delivered on the following business day, and by bus for a Same-day delivery, are available on demand. Contact us for additional information.

Orders sent by C.O.D. must be paid on delivery in cash or by debit directly at the post office. Please note that it is possible that we will call you before sending you your order if you choose this delivery method. Only one C.O.D. order may be be sent at a time. This shipping method is not available for orders with a total cost of 1000$ or more.

United States
For orders over 199$ For orders under 199$
Accelerated (2 weeks) FREE 15.00 $ CAN
Xpresspost (3-5 business days ) 25.00 $ CAN 25.00 $ CAN
By plane (2 weeks) 60.00 $ CAN
By boat (4 to 6 weeks) 45.00 $ CAN

L'Imaginaire wants to charge you the correct price for shipping. Therefore, for every order shipped outside of Canada, we will make sure the price charged is the real price you would pay elsewhere for an equivalent order. It would be our pleasure to charge you less if possible. However, it is possible that the shipping cost is higher than expected. In such case, we will contact you.

Shipping by Xpresspost is available in some countries. Please contact us for more information.

Delivery times

All of our orders are sent from our Quebec store. Therefore, if transfers between stores must occur, it is possible that an additional waiting time may occur as well. Transfers are done every 2-3 days for Levis and every 4-7 days for Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivieres. As soon as your order is complete, we will send it to you as soon as possible.

All orders are sent via Canada Post. However, once your order is in another country than Canada, the local postal services will handle it.

Delivery times:

Place Regular Xpresspost
Québec 2-3 business days 1-2 business days
Regular Xpresspost
Canada 2-7 business days 2-3 business days
Accéléré Xpresspost
United States 6-10 business days 3-5 business days
By boat By plane
International 4-6 weeks 2 weeks

Those times are estimated and do not take into account remote regions and customs clearance costs.

Business days are from Monday to Friday and do not include holidays.

Mail returns from Canada Post

In both previously mentioned cases, if the customer wants the order reshipped, he has to assume all the return and the shipping fees.

If the customer wants to be refunded, we will only refund the cost of the products (including taxes). The initial shipping cost will not be refunded and the return fee will not be deduced from the refund.


We accept Visa and Master Card and PayPal

paypal logo

Checks and Postal Mandates are accepted, but only for Canadien residents. There are additional delays when using these payment methods

If you send a postal mandate, your order will be sent once the mandate has been recieved.

If you send a check, your order will be sent 2 weeks after the check has been recieved.

We can send your order by C.O.D., but only if your are a Canadien residence. This payment method lets you pay at the arrival of your order.

It is possible to pay your web orders with gift certificates. Call us at our toll free number 1-866-462-4495 extention 301 for more information.

When an order is placed, it will automatically be taken from your credit card until the products are gathered. Once processed, the payment will be final. In case of a modification, the difference will be reimbursed by your finacial institute or PayPal.

Sale conditions

The total amount of purchases on our website are displayed in Canadian dollars(CDN).

The price showed does not include taxes, shipping cost and customs fees, if they apply.

Here are the tax rates regarding where you reside : 

  • Québec : TPS (5%) andconsole.log(); TVQ (9,975%)
  • Ontario : TVH (13%)
  • Nova-Scotia, New-Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince-Edward’s-Island : TVH (15%)
  • Colombie-Britannique : TPS (5%) et TVP (7%)
  • AAlberta, North-West Territories, Nunavut, Yukon : TPS (5%)
  • Manitoba : TPS (5%) and TVP (8%)
  • Saskatchewan : TPS (5%) and TVP (6%)

*Taxes do not apply outside of Canada.


Please note that you can make reservations via our website and to cone pick it up in one of our four stores.

To do so, add the wanted product to your cart, click on in store Reservation and fill the required fields.

If your product is unavailable in the store of your choice, we can transfer it for you, free of charge and obligations. Delays that can go up to 7 days may be required.

You will have two weeks to pick up your order if it was not paid, or anytime you want if it is already paid.

What are your return policies?

L'Imaginaire wants to make sure its customers are satisfied. If your purchase on our website does not correspond to your expectations, you can return your products within 30 days following reception. You can return your products to any of the four L’Imaginaire stores, to the following address:

2740 boulevard Laurier
Laurier Québec, 3rd floor
Québec, Québec
G1V 4P7

You can ask for an echange or to be reimbursed. You have to join the original receipt and you must assume the shipping fees as well as the damage and loss risks. Please note that products that are out of their original packaging or damaged cannot be returned.

In the case you had used a promotion code for free shipping and that, after a return, you are not elligible to the required conditions, we will have to charge you the unpaid shipping fees. They can be deduced of the reimbursed total or be charged separetly depending on the payment method.

In the events that you receive a damaged product, you have 7 days after reception to contact us via email or phone to make an arrangment with us.

If L’Imaginaire hasn’t shipped your product or if the product is defective or damaged, we will assume full responsibility for shipping costs linked to this problem. Contact us as soon as possible.

Return and exchange policy for costumes

If you want to return a costume, you can either return it asking for a refund or an exchange. Please make sure that all parts of the costumes are included within the returned package. You have 3 days, after the reception of the package, to return the costume if needed. Please note that you must assume shipping fees as well as loss and damage risks. Obviously, the products must not have been worn or washed and be in their original state.


  • Contact lens, wigs, beards, mustaches, masks, hats, glasses, gloves, socks, skirts, makeup and makeup accessories are not refundable and not exchangable for hygiene reasons.
  • Other accessories such as weapons, boots and makeshift limbs can be returned if they are in their original packaging.
Placing an Order ?

While shopping on our website, all you have to do is click on the "add item" link below the items you want; you will then see the detail of everything that was put into your virtual basket. When you are ready to finalize your order, just click on the "checkout" button and fill in the blanks. Here is the detailed sequence:

1- Opening an account if you don’t already have one. (enter your contact info)
2- Fill in your email and password
3- Confirm your information
4- Choose payment method
5- Choose shipping method
6- Invoice
7- Transmission of receipt to your email.

Custom fees?

In the case customs rates should apply for the reception of a package, the receiving party must assume those rates with his or her country’s customs. If you refuse to pay those fees and the package is returned to us, the return fees will be charged to you./p>

If you want more information concerning the customs charge fees, please contact your local custom services.

Which currencies do you accept?

The final amount of an order will be shown in Canadian dollars. The prices can however be shown in American dollars (USD), in euros (EUR) and in British pounds (GBP) while you are shopping. The prices shown in thos currencies are prone to changes as exchange rates fluctuate and financial institutions can apply additional charges. To modify the showing currency, click on the corresponding thumbnail on the high-left side of our website.

We offer the currency exchange service in store. We can exchange the following currencies : American dollars, euros and British pounds, all free of charge. Please note that the exchange rate fluctuates daily. Please contact us to know the current exchange rate.

I have a message saying "Can not display the page" when I try to place my order.

If you have this message, it's probably because your browser does not support 128-bit encryption. Make a bet your browser and try again. Here are links to Internet Explorer ( windowsupdate.microsoft.com ) and Firefox ( www.mozilla.org ) up to date.

I use a Mac and I get a security error during the payment.

If you have the message "Security Encryption Decryption ssl error", update your browser. This message usually occurs with Internet Explorer version 5.0 on mac. You must have at least version 5.1

We’re Buying

As a collection and hobby shop, we are always looking for rare items. If you own old comic books, trading cards, sports items, money, stamps, action figures or gold and silver jewelry, l’Imaginaire is buying. We are also buying used items such as mangas and board games. Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists, by phone, by calling the free-of-charge number 1-866-462-4495.


You are a passionate and you wish to join our team? We are always looking for candidates to work within our company, in all of our four stores.

Send us us your CV via email at info@imaginaire.com or come deposit it directly in store.

What will you do with my personal information?

The personal information that you provide us with when you place an order will be kept confidential and will not be used by our company. This information will not be sold to marketing companies.

Credit card numbers are encrypted in our system. This way, nobody can access them, not even our employees.

For Privilege Points in exchange for Comments

We would like your opinion on the products that you have bought from us. For each comment, Imaginaire will be offering you privilege points and an additional transaction:

  • For all comments including 140 Characters or less, we will add 4% of the price of the item to your Privilege card (Up to a maximum of 1$) and one transaction*
  • For all comments including 140 Characters or more, we will add 8% of the price of the item to your Privilege card (Up to a maximum of 2$) and one transaction*
The points will be added 7 days after the reception of your comment(s) You may consult the comments you sent us in your client account. You will be able to modify all comments during the 7 days before the addition of the points to your account. No future modification will be available later.

*Points will not be attributed to the following products:

  • All coins and investment ingots made of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Paladium
  • All coins from 2018-19
  • All coins from the Royal Canadian Mint currently sold at face value
  • All coins that are part of series sold at face value
  • All bills sold for less than twice their face value
  • All Canadian dollar bill lots
  • All Canadian Coin Rolls sold for less then twice their face value
  • All Pre-Orders
**Subject to change on January 1st 2020