Business, individual and organism services

Offered services

Imaginaire offers multiple services to passionate businesses like ours :

Specialized accredited bookstore

The Ministère de la Culture et des Communications recognizes us as a specialized accredited bookstore. Therefore, we are allowed to sell to institutional buyers, such as libraries, schools and ministries across the province of Québec. You can benefit from our expertise to build, improve or actualize your collection anytime.

Our librarian Olivia can assist you with your order in our Laurier Québec store if you take an appointment. We also accept order forms in all our stores.

If you need manga suggestions by age groups, by genres or by theme, you can contact Olivia by email at [email protected] or by phone at 418-658-5639 ext. 308.

Please be aware that all prices indicated on our website have been lowered for our customers. As institution, items will be sold to you at the price fixed by the publishing house, which is normally between 0,70$ and 1$ higher than the price shown on our website.

Board games

We also offer a board game recommendation service to daycare centers, schools (elementary to university), community centers, youth centers and child development specialists (such as special needs teachers, speech therapists, physiotherapists, etc.) Our expert will recommend educational board games that suit your needs and often collaborates with Annick Pelletier, a special needs teacher for Optineurones and child development specialist (language, motor function, vocabulary and more).

Please be aware that there is not a minimum order amount if you wish to benefit from this service. You will also be given a 10% discount on your order, with a proof attesting of your affiliation to an institution/organization.

To benefit from this service, contact Caroline Goulet by email at [email protected]. An order form provided by your institution will be required.

Evaluation service

If you need our employees’ expertise to evaluate a private collection that has to be insured, that has been stolen or that you have inherited, we can certainly help. Our experts will evaluate your personal collection or your client’s collection and will, if required, provide a written evaluation. To benefit from that service, you will need to make an appointment with one of our experts.

Businesses supplier

You are a business owner and you wish to sell our products? We offer you the opportunity to order your products directly from us and you could even be given a discount depending on your purchase volume. Contact us for a quote.


Imaginaire also offers you the possibility to invite one of our experts directly to your office. If you wish to know more about this service or to organize a conference, our employees will be more than happy to share their knowledge and passion with you or to redirect you to someone that will be able to provide this service.

You are interested by one of our services or you wish to know more about them? Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 418-658-5639.

*Please be aware that fees could apply for some of these services.