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Please Read This Before you purchase
If you wish to use a Stronghold Master Collection weapon for LARP combat, please make sure to apply a coat of Epic Armoury Maintenance Silicon or Protection Gel to protect the paint finish on the blade. Marks on the weapons are to be expected, especially the darker tinted ones, after prolonged usage even with a protective coating.
Rolant unties his horse from the hitching post in front of the scrubby tavern. After asking around for the girl that he is targeting, he is even more disgruntled. What seemed to be a rather uncomplicated task, has turned into a sly cat-and-mouse game, and it pesters him achingly.
His employer Lord Arick had been furious with the situation, that had cost him a considerable amount of gold and a handful of his better guards. ”This defier of the law must be stopped! That little turncoat, should never ever see the light of day again!”, the fat old galoot had spat at him. As Rolant mounts his blue roan and rides towards Hincam Forest, he expects no lucky breakthroughs, but then a thought strikes him...

Yet another valiant member emerges from the forge to join the line of Stronghold: Epic Armoury’s Stronghold Knightly Sword, the executor of justice!
This 105 cm sword has a 65 cm fullered blade designed to be lightweight, while maintaining its structural stability. Made from EVA foam around a fibreglass core and finished with a strong and impressive paintwork, this sword is just as soft as any latex coated weapon but even more sturdy in battle! Due to the density of the blade, there is a chance of paint being rubbed off due to the friction caused when the blade and another dry surface makes contact. To mitigate this, we advise you to coat the blade with a thin layer of silicone, which will reduce the friction and in turn stress on the paint
The longer version exhibits a 20 cm long, fullered spacer made from polyurethane foam, that is sculpted and hand painted to give it a patina finish. The gold coloured crossguard is embellished with subtle steel details, and the handle is cast and painted to appear like brown leather. A simple circular pommel at the end of the handle stands as a promise, that this sword will take no nonsense and bring justice whenever it is needed.
The Stronghold Knightly Sword is high quality gear due to its impressive durability and magnificent details. This sword will make you confident in the safety and appeal of your LARP weapon on the battlefield, be you a pious crusader or a courageous defender of the realm.

SWORDS - KNIGHTLY SWORD STEEL (41") STRONGHOLD is categorised LIVE ACTION ROLE-PLAY / FOAM INJECTED WEAPONS / SWORDS and sold by l'Imaginaire, a store and specialised website.


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