Privilege account

What is the privilege account?

Imaginaire rewards its loyal customers by allowing them to save money with the privilege account and it is entirely free.

The concept is simple : the more you buy, the more you save. For every purchase containing admissible items, 10% of the value of those eligible items before taxes will be added to your privilege account. After your tenth admissible receipt, you will be able to use the accumulated amount to pay for a part of your eleventh purchase. Please be aware, though, that this amount must be used all at once in one single transaction. If you do not use all of it in your transaction, the balance will be lost. However, you can choose to use your reward later (on a fifteenth, a twenty-second or a fiftieth purchase, for example) if you wish to save for a bigger amount. There is no time limit to make your 10 purchases and/or to spend your privilege points.

Please note that only one receipt per day will be eligible to your privilege account.

How can I activate my privilege account?

The privilege account can be created online or in-store. If you make your purchase in-store, ask a cashier to create your privilege account. If you make your purchase online, it will be activated automatically once you will be done creating your account. Please know, however, that a purchase made with a guest account can not be linked to an active privilege account.

To continue to accumulate privilege points, make sure that you always use the same phone number and/or the same email address so that our system can recognize you and that all your purchases can be saved into the same account. All your Imaginaire purchases, whether they are made in one of our stores or online, can be accumulated into the same account.

Which products are eligible for the privilege account?

Here is a brief summary of the products admissible for the privilege account :

  • European comic books;
  • Mangas;
  • Board games;
  • Roleplay books;
  • Individually sold miniatures (Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, Axis & Allies);
  • Games Workshop products;
  • Individually sold sports cards and TCG cards only. Packs, boxes and cards cases are not eligible.
  • Stamps, except for the current year stamps. Please note that philatelic accessories are not eligible for the privilege account;
  • Coins and paper money. Here are the conditions : all the current year coins, the ones sold at their issue price, gold, platinum and palladium as well as bullion coins and bars are not eligible. All coins from the "20$ for 20$", "25$ for 25$", "50$ for 50$", "100$ for 100$" and "200$ for 200$" are not eligible. For Canadian bills and coin rolls, the article value must be at least the double than their facial value to make them eligible. Canadian bills from 1937 and older as well as all numismatic accessories are not eligible.

You would like to know if the product that you want to purchase is eligible for the privilege account while shopping online? Refer to the following indications :

Voir si un produit est ligible au compte privilge

All the items not listed above are not eligible. In a more general way, all the items listed below are not eligible :

  • All costumes, accessories and Halloween decorations;
  • All figurines, including POP;
  • All clothes;
  • All dishware;
  • All LEGO and Playmobil products;
  • All American comic books;
  • All live-action roleplay items;
  • All stuffed toys;
  • All puzzles;
  • All preorders.

If certain items do not allow you to earn privilege points, know, however, that you can buy any in stock item with your privilege points.

Also be aware that you will not earn privilege points during the transaction in which you will use your previous balance even if a part of that transaction is not paid by using your points.

In the event that we need to adjust the balance of your privilege account with previous purchases, a maximum of 6 months retroaction will be possible.

*This offer can not be monetized.

** The privilege account can not be combined to another offer, such as special deals, discounts, discount coupons or events (such as Black Friday or Boxing Day). We also will not be giving privilege points if we match a competitor's price.

How can I use my privilege points during a transaction?

If you wish to use your reward online after you tenth admissible receipt, log in to your account on our website and add all the items that you want to buy to your cart. Then, write your shipping address and select a shipping method, as you would normally do. When selecting a payment method, your privilege points balance will be indicated above the available payment methods. Simply click on the button " Apply points " and all* your points will be applied to your order. If your order total is smaller than the sum of your points, be aware that you will lose the unused amount from your privilege account. If your order total is bigger than your points balance**, you will then be able to choose how you want to pay for the remaining of your order.

Payer avec des points privilges

To use your privilege points in-store, simply ask your cashier to use your points to pay for your purchase.

*Know that all privilege points must be used in one single transaction (the unused balance will we lost).

** Also be aware that you will not earn privilege points during the transaction in which you will use your previous balance even if a part of that transaction is not paid by using your points. If your order total significantly exceeds the sum of your privilege points and if you wish to earn new privilege points on the balance that you will need to pay, we recommend that you do two transactions. You will then accumulate new privilege points and a new transaction on the order that you will have entirely paid.

How can I get more privilege points with product evaluations*?

We like having feedbacks from you when you buy items at Imaginaire. Therefore, for every purchase made using your account, you will receive an email to evaluate the items that you have purchased. Please note that you can do this at any time by logging in to your account on our website. For every product evaluation, Imaginaire will offer you extra privilege points** and an additional transaction to your privilege account :

  • For every 140 characters or less evaluations, we will add 4% of the item price to your privilege account (up to 1$) and a transaction.
  • For every 140 characters or more evaluations, we will add 8% of the item price to your privilege account (up to 2$) and a transaction.

You will be able to see your product evaluations in your online account and will also be able to modify them during the 7 days following your review. After that delay, modifications will be impossible. Your points and additional transaction will therefore be added to your account 7 days after your review.

*Subject to change without notice.

**Be aware that similar reviews from a product to another as well as copy-pastes will not make you earn any privilege points. Reviews must be different to count as multiple evaluations.