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You would like to get rid of collection items or jewels without dealing with web transactions? We can make it really simple for you!

I want to sell a collectible. How should I proceed ?

All you have to do is to contact a member of our team to let us know about your intentions. You have three ways of doing so : contact us by email, by phone or directly in person.

*Know that we do not buy collectibles through social medias nor through our online chat service.

  • By email : contact us by email at this address : collection@imaginaire.com.
    Your email should contain the following details :
    • A brief description of the item you would like to sell and its condition.
    • At least one picture (or more) of this item.
    • Your contact details so that a member of our team may communicate with you as soon as possible (name and phone number).
  • By phone : give us a call at 418-658-5639
  • In person : Give us a visit at your favorite Imaginaire store. We buy collectibles in all our stores. However, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to make sure that an expert is present and available during your visit.

An expert fit to estimate the value of your collectible will let you know quickly if we are interested in buying it and, if so, at what price. If you were not able to talk directly to him or her, he/she will call you back as soon as possible.

Which payment method is used for the transaction ?

You will be able to trade your item for a certain amount of money or for store credit. The expert in charge of the purchase will give you more details regarding your particular case in due time.

Which collectibles are you looking for ?

We are constantly looking for collectible items to please our passionate customers.
In general, we are especially looking to buy the following items :

  • Trading card games (TCG) : we are always looking for specific TCG cards, such as Magic : The Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • Sports and non-sports : in addition to complete series and collections, we buy a lot of sports cards (especially hockey, baseball and basketball) and non-sports cards (1969 and older).
  • Figurines : we are interested in a lot of figurines related to our universes, whether they’re from Tintin, Astérix & Obélix or Smurfs, or from hockey, baseball or football players. We also buy certain D&D and Warhammer miniatures as well as many POP! figurines in their original packaging.
  • Coins and paper money : we are particularly interested in complete collections, coin lots, limited coins and old bills.
  • Stamps : we mostly buy stamp lots, complete collections and rare stamps.
  • Bullions : we buy most silver, gold, platinum and palladium bullions and bars regardless of their condition as well as jewels.
  • European comic books : we are always looking for collectible European comic books as well as tie-in merchandise, such as Tintin or Smurfs figurines.
  • American comic books : we buy many complete comic book lots and many old single issues in good condition.
  • Mangas : complete manga series in good condition are always appreciated by our customers.

You are looking to sell a collectible that is not listed above? We might still be interested in buying it! Feel free to contact us no matter what.

For more details, contact us by email at collection@imaginaire.com.