Most frequently asked questions

Business hours

What are your business hours?

To see our business hours, click here.

Our website is always operational for web orders (24/7), including during public holidays. However, as shipping companies are closed on these holidays, shipping delays may apply. We have no control over these delays.

Public holidays : open or closed?

You are wondering if we are open? Use this guide to answer your questions.

Public holidays

Unavailable items : out of stock, special orders and reprinted products

The item that I want is out of stock. What can I do?

Sadly, we do not know when out of stock items will be back in stock and the restocking delays are out of our control. Please know, however, that all items listed on our website have normally been reordered or will be reordered eventually. The items that will never be available again from our suppliers are removed from our website as soon we are informed of it.

To make sure to know when the item that you wish to purchase is back in stock, subscribe to our back in stock alerts. To do so, go to the item page, click on the button "Subscribe to our back in stock alert" and write your email address in the provided space. You will then receive an email when this item will be back in stock. Please be aware that no reservation will be made automatically. If the item is still out of stock when you try to place your order, it means that other customers have order this item before you. You will then need to subscribe again to the alert.

Inscription au rappel d'arrivee en inventaire

What is a special order? How can I make a special order?

It is an item that we do not keep in stock in our stores, but that we can order specially for you.

To make a special order online, go to the item page. Then, click on the "Special order" button and fill the provided form.

Faire une commande sp�ciale en ligne

You can also contact us by phone or by email to make a special order if the item that you desire is not listed on our website. If you choose that option, please make sure to know exactly which item you wish to order (a picture, a product code or a link from another website is ideal) as well as your name and your phone number so that we can contact you easily.

Please note that, depending on the product location, delays may vary and that the price of special order items may also slightly vary without any notice according to our supplier's demands. Also be aware that the regular price always prevails over a discount with special orders, so if there is a price reduction indicated on an item that we order specially for you, that discount will not be applied.

We do not know the delays required for special orders, but know that we make everything that we can to receive them as soon as possible for you. However, you will receive an automated email every time that the status of your order will change so that you can follow its progression. Once your order will be ready for pickup, you will be able to choose if you wish to pick it up in one of our stores or to have it shipped to you by mail. If you choose mail shipping or if you wish that we transfer your order to another store, you will need to log in to your account and click on the "In store set apart orders" button to add your item to your cart and order it.

Faire une commande sp�ciale en ligne

The item that I want to purchase is in reprint. What does it mean?

It means that the item that you want is unavailable for now because it is being reprinted. The product is not discontinued. It will be in stock someday, but we do not know the delays that may vary from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, and even a couple of years in very rare cases.

Online reservations and transfers between our stores

How can I make a reservation or ask for a transfer between your stores?

Please note that you can make your reservation directly from our website and pick it up in-store afterwards.

There are two ways to do so, depending on how many items you wish to reserve and/or transfer. If you wish to transfer only one item, you can simply click on the "Transfer" button, located in the "Stock in Store" section on the desired item page. Then, you will only need to fill out the short form to confirm your order. If you wish to reserve multiple items, we recommend that you to do so by adding all your items to your cart and, once done, to click on the "In-store pickup" button. You will then be able to place your order by filling the required fields.

Mise de cote en ligne et transfert entre boutiques (1 item) Mise de cote en ligne et transfert entre boutiques (plusieurs items)

If the item that you wish to order is not available in your favorite store, we will gladly transfer it automatically for you for free. Some 24 to 48h delays may however apply.

You will have two weeks to pick up your order. After these delays, your reservation will be cancelled and the items will be put back in our stores for sale, unless you contact us to make an arrangement.

Please be aware that it is not possible to pay an order online if you wish to pick it up in-store.

Online orders

How can I place an online order?

Browse through our website and click on the green button "Add to cart" on an item page to add all the items you wish to purchase to your cart. Once you are done, click on the cart icon in the top right corner of your page. From there, you can remove added items and/or adjust the desired quantities if necessary. In your order summary, you will be able, if you wish, to estimate the shipping fees and the taxes (if applied). Once you are ready to place your order, click on the "Home delivery" button and follow the steps listed below to confirm your order :

  1. Log in to your account or create one. You can also continue as a guest, but be aware that you will not get any privilege points* if you do so;
  2. Write the email address to which you wish to receive your order confirmation email;
  3. Write or confirm your shipping address;
  4. Choose the shipping method that you prefer;
  5. Choose a payment method and write all the informations required for this payment method. If your shipping address is not the same as your billing address, do not forget to uncheck the "My billing and shipping addresses are the same" button and to fill the required fields concerning your billing address;
  6. Click on the "Confirm my order" button;
  7. After confirming your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number. Make sure to keep it.

*Please note that the privilege points earned with your order will be applied directly to the account used to place the order.

**In the rare event of an item picture and description not matching, know that the description always prevails over the image.

To see a more detailed procedure, click here.

Shipping fees and delays

Shipping fees

All our orders are shipped by Canada Post or Xpedigo.

The regular shipping is free of charge for orders of 79$ or more before taxes shipped in Québec, in Ontario and in New Brunswick. For orders shipped elsewhere in Canada (except for Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories), the shipping is free of charge for orders of 139$ or more before taxes. Some exceptions may however apply depending on the size, weight and value of your order. If you live in a distant region, it is possible that you are not eligible for this promotion. In case of a problem, we will contact you.


We provide a tracking number for every package that we ship, whether it is shipped by Canada Post or Xpedigo. You will receive an automated email containing your tracking number once your order will be ready for shipping. Please be aware that your tracking number will only be activated once our transporter will pick up your order by the end of the day.

*Cash on delivery (C.O.D.) orders must be paid on delivery directly to the post office by cash or debit only. Credit payments are not accepted. Know that we might call you before shipping your order if you choose this shipping method. Only one C.O.D. order will be shipped at a time. This shipping option is only available in Canada for orders of less than 1000$.


Imaginaire wishes to charge you the right shipping fees. Therefore, for every order shipped outside of Canada, we verify the exact shipping fees for the items that you have ordered. We will gladly charge you less if possible. However, it is also possible that the shipping fees exceed the ones that we previously charged you. In this case, we will contact you.

Shipping delays

All our orders are shipped from our Québec store. Therefore, if transfers between stores have to be made, it is possible that additional delays apply. Transfers are available in each of our stores and their delays are normally of 24 to 48 hours. When your order will be complete, we commit to ship it to you as fast as possible.

All our orders are shipped by Canada Post or Xpedigo. However, once your order enters another country, the postal services of this country will be taking charge of it.

Shipping delays are approximate and we have no control over them. They also don't take into account busy periods, distant regions and customs clearance (if necessary).

The business hours are from Monday to Friday and do not include public holidays.

Package returns from Canada Post or Xpedigo

If an order is sent back to us for an address error (incomplete address, absence of an apartment number, wrong postal code, etc.), the customer will have to assume the fees for its return. If an order is sent back to us because it has not been claimed at the post office by the customer, the customer will also have to assume the fees for its return.

In both cases listed above, if the customer wishes to have his order shipped again, he will have to pay the return fees as well as the new shipping fees. If he asks for a refund, we will only refund the value of the items (including taxes, if applied). The shipping fees for the first shipping will not be reimbursed and the returns fees will also be deducted from the refund.

What about customs fees?

In the event that customs fees have to be paid so that the customer may collect his package, the customer will have to assume those fees to his customs services. If he refuses to pay those fees and the package is sent back to us, the shipping fees for the return will be at his expense.

If you wish to know more about the customs fees, contact the customs services of your country.

Payment methods and sales conditions

What payment methods do you accept for online orders?

For Canada, we accept VISA and MASTERCARD credit card payments as well as PayPal. For other countries, only Paypal payments are accepted. Please be aware that your PayPal account will have to be confirmed before we ship your order.

You can also choose the cash on delivery option (C.O.D.) if your order is shipped in Canada and if its value is of less than 1000$. If you choose this option, you will be allowed to pay your order directly to the post office once it will have been delivered. In this case, only cash and debit payment will be accepted. Credit card payments will not be authorized. For more information, please see the "Shipping fees and delays" section.

All payments are preauthorized until we make sure that we have all the items that you have ordered. This pre-approval allows us to confirm the validity of your credit card and to assure us of your solvency before your order is shipped. The final amount of your order will only be charged to your bank account once your order will have been processed for shipping. If the preauthorized amount is higher than the final amount of your order (in case of modifications to your order, for example), only the final value of your order will be charged to your bank account. Please be aware that the price adjustment will be done automatically and that 2 to 7 days might be necessary before you see it in your bank account. The same goes with refunds if you wish to cancel your order.

It is also possible for you to pay your order using a Imaginaire gift card as well as your privilege points (if you made more than the 10 purchases required), whether it is online or in-store. Please know, however, that gift cards produced by the shopping malls where we are located can only be used in-store.

Sales conditions

The final amount of an order placed on our website is in Canadian dollars (CDN).

Items prices do not include taxes, shipping fees nor customs fees, if required.

Here are the required taxes depending on your residence location :

  • Québec : TPS (5%) and TVQ (9,975%)
  • Ontario : TVH (13%)
  • Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island : TVH (15%)
  • British Columbia : TPS (5%) and TVP (7%)
  • Alberta, Territoires du Nord-Ouest, Nunavut, Yukon : TPS (5%)
  • Manitoba : TPS (5%) and TVP (8%)
  • Saskatchewan : TPS (5%) and TVP (6%)

Taxes are not applied outside of Canada.

Which currencies do you accept?

The final amount of an order placed on our website is in Canadian dollars (CDN). It is, however, possible for you to show the prices in American dollars (USD), in Euros (EUR) or in British pounds sterling (GBP) when you shop online. The prices shown in these currencies are approximate, as they vary according to the exchange rate and to the fees that your financial institution might charge you. To modify the currency on a computer, click on the tab located in the top left corner of our website. If you are using a cellphone, you will have to click on the "CAD" symbol located in the menu on the top right corner of your page.

Changer la devise affichée FR

We also offer a currency exchange service in store. We exchange the following currencies : American dollars, Euros and British pounds sterling for free. Please note that the exchange rate varies each day. Contact us to know the actual exchange rate.

What do you do with my personal information?

The personal information that you give us to place your order are strictly confidential and will only be used by our company. They will not be sold to any other company.

Credit card numbers are encrypted in our system. Therefore, nobody has access to them, not even our employees.