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This item is out of stock in all of our stores, however you can make a special order.

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Orenji-San has been unleashed!  Our 2022 Edition of Master 9 Eyes celebrates the second anniversary of our ground-breaking toy platform that now lives in the physical and digital realms!
Orange is the color of courage, creativity, adventure and enthusiasm, which perfectly suits the life philosophy of Orenji-San, who forever seeks his next great exploit.  However beware his blackened sword arm, a stark reminder of his deadly samurai skills, which come to bear when pushed too far.

Created by the talented artist Daytoner, this futuristic, chunky samurai is the perfect blend of both a badass character and perfectly designed shapes and symmetry. His overall look is completed by his puffed jacket and stylish katana backpack, loaded with samurai swords.  This limited edition will only be available from February 2022 to February 2023 and then will be retired

MASTER 9 EYES - ORENJI-SAN - 1:12 SCALE VINYL is categorised FIGURINES / PURE ARTS and sold by l'Imaginaire, a store and specialised website.

Editor : PURE ARTS

Height : 15 CM

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